Neck and Shoulder Pain / Cervical Disc Herniation

One of the most common causes of neck pain is the bad posture resulting from prolonged use of 3C products. This may build up tension in the neck, and trigger discomfort such as muscle strain, neck and shoulder pain, etc. It can be improved by doing stretching every hour, reorganising the work area, maintaining good posture, and avoid leaning or looking down too frequently. Hot compress may also help improve the pain.

However, persistent neck and shoulder pain may damage the cervical spine or nervous system, causing degenerative diseases such as cervical herniated disc or osteoarthritis. In this case, medical treatment will be needed.


  • Stiff neck, causing difficulty or pain when moving from side to side.
  • In severe cases, pain may spread from the neck, shoulders, and upper back area to the medial border of the shoulder blade, causing headache.
  • Some may also experience numbness in their arms or palms, or stiffness in the lower limbs, which can affect their daily lives and works.


Heat therapy, electrotherapy or cervical traction can be used to release the tight fascia in the neck and shoulders and increase circulation. In addition, post-treatment exercises such as neck mobilisation, muscular strength and coordination trainings are recommended.

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