Registered professional chiropractors and physiotherapists in Hong Kong to provide a range of comprehensive and systematic pain management solutions through specialist diagnosis and targeted treatments, allowing patients to manage their pain in a non-invasive way without the needs of drugs and surgery. Through a holistic technique with the use of auxiliary instruments, our team can help patients to relieve pain and restore the balance of body functions, and ultimately regain control of their health and wellness.

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Our treatment centre has introduced a range of advanced and highly efficient medical devices and technology, coupled with an experienced team of chiropractor and practitioners to provide the most efficient treatments to patients suffering from pain – aiming to reduce the impact caused by pain and improve their quality of life.

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A truly effective pain management is about treating the causes – not symptoms. By evaluating patients' physical condition and lifestyle, our team will identify the root cause and personalise a pain management plan to treat both the symptoms and the causes, thus improving patients’ quality of life.

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One-stop pain management centre

Total Healthcare Health Centre

The importance of pain management lies in the prevention of recurrence and chronic pain. A professional pain treatment usually involves corrective adjustment assisted by special instruments to provide appropriate treatments for each area of pain. The aim is to improve patients’ quality of life and work ability, resulting in a healthier and happier life.

  • Improve quality of life
  • Prevent chronic pain
  • Reduce healthcare burden
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Restore mental wellness
  • Reclaim social life


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